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Inspiring art

This week, Nadine Dennis and I touched on the possibility of her again painting one of my photographs. That got me thinking about the last time Nadine and I had a painter/photographer collaboration.

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2013 in white and black

As tends to happen at this time of year, I've become retrospective. Sorting through my photo files is a painstaking but enjoyable way to relive my year, and has led me to attempt to choose my favourites of the black and white images that I shot in 2013. In a fabulous travel year that took me to Argentina in April, and Switzerland, France, Germany and Holland in September, I had no shortage of photographic opportunities and inspirations.

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Photography Tip or Life Lesson?

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The Comfort Maple is a very significant landmark - in Niagara, and in my life. This story is about something my father taught me, and how it played out under the limbs of the magnificent Comfort Maple.

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