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Argentina: Where the tire blewAs tends to happen at this time of year, I've become retrospective. Sorting through my photo files is a painstaking but enjoyable way to relive my year, and has led me to attempt to choose my favourites of the black and white images that I shot in 2013. In a fabulous travel year that took me to Argentina in April, and Switzerland, France, Germany and Holland in September, I had no shortage of photographic opportunities and inspirations.

Indeed, my most memorable photo of 2013 was taken in Argentina, on an incredible day in the Andes that included zip-lining in the morning and horseback riding in the afternoon. The title of this magic shot alludes to the story that is a large part of why this image is so special to me. 

It was pure serendipity. After our horseback riding and delicious asado at Quebrada del Condor high in the Andes, we were driving back to Chacras de Coria with our friend (and excellent driver) Peter Gamble behind the wheel. Low on gas, Peter was taking advantage of our steady descent to coast, yes coast, as far as he possibly could. Achieving remarkable speeds, we were moving rapidly through beautiful countryside and I dared not ask Peter to stop for any photo ops! And then it happened - the tire blew! As we all piled out of the car (and our friend Alex set about changing the tire), I looked ahead on the road that we were travelling, and took this shot.

I've got five runners-up from my black and whites of 2013 - one from another far-flung vacation destination, but most from my own Niagara backyard! It's no surprise that vineyards and wineries are represented here, along with two cherished Niagara landmarks - the Comfort Maple and Morningstar Mill. 

Germany: Rhine-side vineyards

Stratus Vineyards: Vineyard portrait

Stratus Vineyards: waiting glasses

Comfort Maple: from the inside looking out

Morningstar Mill x 2

My camera and I had a great 2013. I learned so much more about it, and also about myself. I'm excited for 2014 and what will be in my viewfinder.


What inspired your favourite images of 2013?


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Reader Comments (2)

Oh, Elena, these are all fabulous. You have such an amazing eye. I'm glad I didn't see this until today and that I was able to hear you and Stan tell the story last night. What a memory! Here's to photographic inspiration in 2014.

January 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKim

I love ALL your black and white faves from this year Elena. I love that you are so into black and white. It is so classic and elegant. Your work is truly inspiring.

In 2013 I was inspired by the word DISCOVER. I learned a lot about how to express my vision through my camera, I played a lot, I tried a lot of things, and I have many, many images that I am happy with as a result. 2014 is starting off to be more about simplicity, but I also want to continue along the experimentation track and see what happens there.

My wish for 2014 is for more opportunities to make images together!

January 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSherry

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