Inspiring art
Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 4:23PM
Winestains in Comfort Maple, Nadine Dennis, painting, photography
This week, Nadine Dennis and I touched on the possibility of her again painting one of my photographs. She's considering this one.

That got me thinking about the last time Nadine and I had a painter/photographer collaboration.

I called this 2013 image, "On the inside, looking out" and some of you will recognize (or at least suspect) that it was taken at my favourite tree, the Comfort Maple

Nadine calls her painting "Brooding Sky." I'm honoured by where she took the inspiration that I provided.

Looking at Nadine's painting, I'm certain that next, this piece is going to inspire a stained glass artist. Wouldn't that be the perfect tree-fecta? 

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