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From a news release from the Niagara Community Foundation: 

Potentially 70,000 Random Act of Kindness Across Niagara

(NIAGARA, October 28, 2013) – Many businesses, schools, organizations and individuals have taken up this “call for kindness” with close to 70,000 Random Act of Kindness Day cards circulating around the community for the 4th Annual Random Act of Kindness Day for Niagara on November 1st. The cards encourage the cardholder to perform a simple act of kindness for someone – a neighbourhood, a friend, a co-worker, or someone they don’t even know – and hand the card over to that person – encouraging him/her to do the same.

We are truly overwhelmed by the response from individuals in Niagara. We ask citizens to share their act of kindness story with us via twitter, facebook or email. Kindness is contagious, your act of kindness can inspire someone to do the same,” said Liz Palmieri, Executive Director of the Niagara Community Foundation. “We are excited to learn what happens all around the region.”

Random Act of Kindness Day® cards are available at all Meridian Credit Union branches or on-line. For more information please contact the Niagara Community Foundation office at 905-684-8688 or

Created in 2000, the Foundation has raised more than $20 million and has granted in excess of $5 million to charities working in the arts, heritage, environment, social services, health, education and community development.



How will you honour "Random Acts of Kindness" Day?

How you can get involved

101 Acts of Kindness that won't cost you a thing

Twitter:  @RAKDayNiagara #rakday

Facebook: Random Acts of Kindness Day - Niagara #RAKDayNiagara


Foundation webpage 

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